Why Buy collagen From Us?

Welcome to NewSea Collagen, your number one source for health food supplements. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best products, with a focus on three characteristics [quality, reliability and customer service].

Founded in 2014, NewSeaCollagen markets the products of  Fine, Japan - a company with many years (40) of experience in providing health tips and products. We provide the very best products to satisfy our clients’ needs.

NewSea Collagen is a result of our love for healthy lifestyle and our general interest in health food supplements. We hope to share our experiences and the very best and recommended products with you, products that have actually changed the lives of many people.

We provide you with products extracted from the very best of resources from plant and animal sources; combined into powdered food and natural products, extracts, coffee, beverages, and other forms of products.

When the founder, Fine, Japan – Europe first started out, his passion for alleviating health problems from the lives of people around us, drove him to take action, and it gave him the idea to make this possible by providing health food supplements in a booming online store.

We deliver everything you want for a quality ordering experience, from high quality products to an outstanding customer service. NewSea Collagen is your number one store for the perfect product for health improvements.

NewSea Collagen is known for his food supplements Supplies and popular for its user friendly website, which is updated weekly to ensure all needed products are made available, our product prices are also accurate.

We now serve customers worldwide and are thrilled to be part of the eco-friendly health industry. At NewSea Collagen, we know that service is only the beginning stage, and there is never enough satisfaction, and is pleased to further develop and incorporate upstream resources more often as per market requirements.


We hope you enjoy our health products as much as we enjoy presenting them to you. If you have any comments or inquiries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Questions? - service@new-collagen.com


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