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 Deficiency of collagen in the body sooner or later leads to the fact that a person loses the beauty and health. His skin fades and becomes dull, wrinkles, disrupted joints, cartilage and tendons, worsening of the cardiovascular system. This is because the collagen fibers that make up the fibrous protein, are the basis not only of the human skin, and all that is associated with connective tissue. The role of collagen in the process of slowing down the skin aging is very high. It creates a so-called subcutaneous frame consisting of intertwined fibers, which makes the skin supple, firm and elastic. These collagen fibers, although produced by the body on their own, but are very unstable to external influence. In addition, their ability to synthesize and recover with time slows down, then stops altogether. For this reason, all invisible in his youth, facial wrinkles with age deep wrinkles. Lack of collagen is reflected in the body - from a resilient and fit, it becomes a flabby and saggy. Suffer and bones exposed to age-related changes that become very fragile and often break down. What can we do for those who want to keep your body young, fit and beautiful as long as possible?
To ensure timely completion of deficiency of collagen fibers, of course, possible to use an expensive collagen cosmetics. About this cosmetics we will not say, but noted only that it contains a huge amount of preservatives and worth big money. Fortunately, there is a more convenient and effective method of restoring the body's reserves of collagen. Collagen fibers synthesized by using the conventional and familiar foods. You just only know which products contain collagen, and understand what minerals and vitamins contained in the product, can help the body produce it. So today we decided to write about in what products contain collagen and exactly what you need to eat in order to stop the process of aging and significantly improve the condition of the bones, joints and skin.
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