Vegan VEGETAZE liquid enzymes for slimming and the digestion, with pearl coix & multivitamins

  • • A HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS supplement with no less than forty-five beneficial, easy-to-digest liquid enzymes extracted from the best fruit and vegetable ingredients. Carefully selected components provide an optimum daily supplement, packaged for carrying conveniently.
  • • Contains 105 grammes of Vegetaze in seven 15g sachets, providing one week's supply in easy to take daily quantities. Vegetaze has an APPEALING, NATURAL TASTE, dissolves in any liquid and is EASY TO DRINK. The formulation is non-GMO (no genetically modified ingredients).
  • • Produced from plant extracts; suitable for vegetarian, strict vegetarian (vegan) and diabetic diets. Contains MULTI VITAMINS for a healthy lifestyle and may help slimming as part of a calorie-controlled diet. PEARL COIX promotes healthy, rosy skin and may help to treat acne.
  • • Active enzymes benefit the digestion, while polyphenol content (including flavonoids, typically found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, green tea and red wine) possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Users have reported general health improvements.
  • • Also contains RESVERATROL, a polyphenol found naturally in red grape skins, berries and peanuts that acts similarly to antioxidants and PROTECTS THE BODY against damage. May limit the spread of cancer cells and alleviate hyperlipidaemia (high blood cholesterol) by reducing blood levels of LDL, also known as bad cholesterol.
  • The Enzyme slimming beauty drink is a famous Japanese enzyme product for slimming naturally. It is 100% organic in nature and does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is made from the best beauty ingredient Pearl Coix and other 45 different plant ingredients which help to get slim faster in a natural way.


Vegetaze is a revolutionary new vegan non GMO slimming supplement, packed with multivitamins including pearl coix & natural liquid enzymes to benefit the digestion. It has a great natural taste, dissolves with ease and may offer numerous health benefits, according to Japanese research. Order today to guarantee your supply. FAT-FREE, natural Vegetaze is recommended for fitness and health enthusiasts and is packed with a broad range of vital nutrients to help maintain the body in peak condition.


It helps you boosts your metabolism and improves your level of anti-oxidation. Also aids in making the body’s digestion of fat easier. It has been awarded the Gold Award by the Monde Selection Bruxelles – International Quality Institute in 2015.

  One of the best affordable daily slimming beauty drink which really works. It is available in the form of sachets as weekly sets and is easy to carry.


It is highly recommend to those who want to get slim naturally. This slimming beauty drink active enzyme formula really does wonders to your body.

Raw materials 
Reduction malt, concentrate grape juice, rice koji, organic pearl coix extract, apple, pineapple, grape skin, seeds, banana, onion, kiwi, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, broccoli, orange, radish, bilberry extract, pomegranate juice, brown rice, mushroom, dried mushroom, rose hip, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, citron, yam, soybean, Jujube, Corchorus olitorius leaf, yam, sweet potato, glutinous rice, millet, soybean, millet, barnyard millet, pearl barley, barley, trochochlamys praealta, red rice, red rice, black glutinous rice, green rice, Curcuma aromatica, zedoary, black bean, cowpea, acidulant, glycine, fragrance, grapefruit seed

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