Functional Food Coenzyme Q10 Fights Fatigue and Restores Your Energy - Feel Stronger, Younger and More Driven Every Day

  • Functional food Coenzyme Q10 is a food additive which can help you regain your energy and enhance your performance throughout the day. If you are feeling depleted and low on strength before you have run through your to-do list, we have just the right formula to recharge your batteries and get you going again
  • The daily recommended dose of 3 capsules supplies you with 100 mg of ubiquinone, the active form of the coenzyme, which greatly enhances cells' ability to produce energy. The recommended dosage of CoQ 10 also reduces oxidative stress and has distinct anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing properties
  • The energy tablets are prepared with high-quality ingredients which promote health and strength. Alongside the active-form ubiquinol Q10, the capsules contain other natural components such as beeswax, garlic powder extract, cacao pigment, and various vitamins, which combine into a formula that packs a real energy punch
  • In addition to enhancing energy production, ubiquinone protects and strengthens cellular mitochondria, the manifold microscopic power plants that are responsible for producing ATP, the cell's fuel. Mitochondria also regulate cellular metabolism. These CoQ 10 capsules keep them sharp and clean, so you can feel strong and young again
  • Studies on the continued intake of active-form of this coenzyme have demonstrated its energising properties. Both adult and elderly subjects display improved energy levels and report reduced subjective perceptions of fatigue thanks to a regular dose of 100 mg per day. This functional food brings you all these benefits in a clean, natural formula - try it out for yourself and reclaim your energy

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