Green Tea and Coffee Combined: Lose Weight Easily and Healthily with a Natural Diet Wonder Instant Drink from Japan - 100% GMO-Free!

  • ☕TEA AND COFFEE DIET An effective weight loss diet supplement from Japan based on a simple principle: just mix green oolong tea with instant coffee and drink a cup before each meal to boost the body's fat-burning metabolism. No need for fat burn tablets or special diet food. The drink has a delicate, refined taste and fits in well with a busy lifestyle when dieting
  • ☕EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS Coffee and tea contain flavonoid and polyphenol, substances helpful in burning fat. These substances have long been available in the form of drinks, diet pills, diet shakes, weight loss pills and diet tablets. Now with green coffee and tea sticks, you have a delicious fat burn diet drink that offers a convenient way to benefit from these powerful natural ingredients
  • ☕CATECHIN AND CHLOROGENIC ACID Catechin is a fat burner that works by enhancing the effect of enzymes while chlorogenic acid also promotes the burning of fat while preventing its resynthesis. The two substances work together with a synergistic effect, doubling the fat burning power of the coffee and tea drink. At the same time, theanine acts to suppress the stimulative effect of coffee
  • ☕QUICK, EASY AND AFFORDABLE Preparing two drinks can be expensive and it might seem troublesome but by combining tea and coffee in a single stick the problem is solved. Tea and coffee slimming sticks are quick and easy to use whether at home, in the office or when travelling. Just pour the contents of a stick into a cup or mug and add hot water, then stir well and enjoy
  • ☕EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS Each sachet contains 180mg catechin 15 mg, chlorogenic acid. The drink is blended with natural tea powder, coffee beans powder, tea extract and coffee extract. Contains no added sugar and only 5 calories per serving. Directions for preparation: dissolve 1 - 3 sticks in between 150 - 300 ml hot water

Active Ingredients per 1 stick (1.5g) Catechin 180 mg Chlorogenic acid 15 mg
Coffee, Green Tea Powder, Coffee Bean Powder, Tea Extract, Raw Coffee Beans Extract

 For better solubility, dissolve it in a little hot water before adding all liquid.
If it does not suit you, reduce the amount of serving or discontinue use. ●Consume it as soon as possible after unsealed. ●Consume right after it has been dissolved. ●A taste/color may vary or a precipitate may appear due to its own ingredient, but that doesn't affect quality of the product. ●Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating.

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