Japanese Placenta Jelly in Apple Flavour for Energy Boost and Healthy Skin to Menopause and Beyond

  • The food you eat is every bit as IMPORTANT FOR SKIN CARE as the creams and cleansers you use; making a daily serving of this convenient jelly a part of your beauty regimen can have an ANTI-AGEING EFFECT by improving the elasticity and appearance of your skin
  • As well as being effective for SKIN CARE HYALURONIC ACID and mineral enriched placental extracts have been used in Japanese medicine to IMPROVE LIVER AND KIDNEY function and to treat lung disorders; its effect on the blood and overall metabolism make it a very useful supplement to a HEALTHY DIET
  • The benefits of the constituents of placental extracts on FEMALE HEALTH PARTICULARLY DURING AND AFTER THE MENOPAUSE have been well documented; the preparation methods of the jelly ensure it remains rich in amino acids and minerals shown to be VITAL TO MENOPAUSAL HEALTH
  • Packed in handy 10 gram ready to eat apple flavour servings which can be stored in the cupboard or refrigerated if preferred; a sachet can be slipped into a bag or pocket for use at work or when out and about
  • Whether you are hoping to alleviate symptoms of the female health issues or simply want to REDUCE FATIGUE AND BOOST YOUR METABOLISM as well as cultivate healthy skin you should order your Placenta Jelly now for fast delivery

Many women opt to save the placenta after giving birth, to make capsules or smoothies; it contains valuable nutrients, shown to aid recovery after childbirth and raise energy levels. Placenta also contains hyaluronic acid, a substance widely used in beauty products, which is effective in cell repair and has significant anti-ageing effects on the skin. Now, these effects are available in the form of a pleasant-tasting jelly with placental cells from pigs, an animal whose biology mirrors our own

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