Nutritious Soy Protein Smoothie with L-Carnitine, Calcium, Chia, Maca, Cacao, Acai and Maqui antioxidants | NEW! Aya's Selection | Premium, Japan

  • Packed with healthy plant protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, this SMOOTHIE DRINK is ideal for active people who appreciate the importance of a proper diet. Among the different types of VEGETABLE PROTEIN, professional trainers and experts on nutrition agree on the soybean's excellent properties and its high content of balanced amino acids. Soybeans also act to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • Supplied in convenient sachets, so it is EASY TO MIX AND PREPARE, this delicious PROTEIN SMOOTHIE contains a carefully balanced formulation that includes numerous essential vitamins as well as vital amino acids. Common sense tells us that to achieve the MAXIMUM NUTRITIONAL VALUE, the body has to absorb foods and supplements correctly. Aya's protein shake, therefore, includes an extract of black pepper to promote the healthy take-up of its beneficial ingredients
  • Aya's soy PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT contains L-carnitine, which burns fat, with lecithin to benefit the brain and concentration. The super mix also includes no less than five SUPER ANTIOXIDANT FOODS: chia for its healthy omega-3 and unprocessed fibre, maca for athletic performance and memory, along with cacao which is known to benefit physical health as well as mood. Acai berry extract and maqui, dubbed a super fruit, help to PROTECT THE BODY AGAINST FREE RADICALS AND AGEING
  • This specially formulated PROTEIN SHAKE also contains calcium to boost bone health, as well as isoflavone to promote calcium uptake in the body - beyond the levels typically associated with lower quality drinks. The rich nutrients in soybeans are free of cholesterol, unlike animal protein such as red meat. Additionally, this super new supplement is entirely SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIAN DIETS
  • On an index scientifically designed to compare essential amino acid contents and their proportions, soybean protein reaches the highest score. This top dietary ranking and its other NUMEROUS NUTRITIONAL AND ANTIOXIDANT BENEFITS help us to see why the Japanese have eaten soy protein for centuries. Tofu and miso are both made from soy, while the versatile bean is the main ingredient in a delicious condiment sauce, too

Currently popular on TV, Aya is an inspiring Japanese professional muscle trainer, fitness model and best-selling author who inspires people to be active, healthy and happy. With her clear credentials, considerable experience of muscle training and proven knowledge of how to sculpt a beautiful body, we can rely on her good judgement and expertise in recommending this new protein shake. Soybeans are the staple ingredient of this appetising and highly nutritious supplement that follows Aya's advice to include plant protein in the diet wherever possible - instead of animal protein


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